We provide premium cannabinoids at affordable prices.

We specialize in providing delta 8 THC and other budding cannabinoids in the cannabis industry. We want you to find the specific cannabinoids that work for your lifestyle at prices that beat your local headshop. Stay tuned to see new products drop every week!

We entered the hemp business after observing the beneficial effects of delta 8 THC in a state where delta 9 is illegal. After being inspired by the experience, KLU cannabis was formed to provide industry-leading premium Delta 8 THC and other natural cannabinoids at competitive prices.

Quality and customer satisfaction are our highest concerns. Each product is made in small batches to ensure maximum care and quality assurance. All of our products are United States based and fully assembled here in Wisconsin.

All of our products contain <0.3% delta 9 THC and are fully legal under the 2018 Farm bill.